Boost individual and team performance

with game-based analysis of critical skills

What makes you great?

What are your strong skills? your weaker sides? Effective individuals and teams must be able to answer these questions with integrity. Accelium 360 lets you evaluate your skills and build up your performance by playing strategy games.





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Evaluate the most critical competencies for success

Analytical Ability - Strategic Thinking - Execution

Drive organizational growth

Boost personal motivation.

Focus ongoing training and development processes.

Strengthen employees' brand engagement.

Enjoy the advantages

of game-based assessment

Accelium 360 evaluates skills without anxiety or frustration. Based on powerful, big data analytics, it uses game challenges to track authentic behavioral responses and decision making processes. The cloud-based system simulates real-world challenges better than conventional tests and offers 24/7 engagement for mobile and desktop users.

At the forefront of

game-based assessment

Accelium 360 utilizes the most advanced evaluative technology to create an immersive, accurate, and easy to use testing environment.

Accurate, predictive, unbiased

Accelium 360's smart strategy games were designed to emulate a wide range of cognitive and emotional challenges and invoke authentic behavioral responses.

Deeper insights

Unique aggregate metrics based on iterative, dynamic measurement provide exclusive insights on complex higher-order skills.

An immersive personal experience

1. Learn a strategy game and solve a series of game challenges.

2. Rich user metrics are collected and analyzed: game performance, user behavior, error rate, learning curve, etc.

3. An elaborate user report is generated, characterizing skill levels, decision making style, and behavioral patterns. Data is compared to local and global benchmarks.