Captivating skill development e-courses

Stay ahead

of the game

Let your employees exercise their critical skills whenever they have a few minutes. Accelium Online offers a fun virtual coaching experience focused on different skills: Analysis and Deduction, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Adaptive Thinking.


Choose your focus

Learning is divided into workouts, each introducing a different game and reviewing a distinct set of strategies and tools.

Nonstop engagement

Acquire and exercise new heuristics and strategies using any desktop or mobile device. With 24/7 cloud access, exercising thinking skills soon becomes a fun, ongoing process.

Enjoy - Learn - Repeat

Bite-sized learning segments allow you to exercise in small, incremental steps, encouraging iteration and improving long-term retention.

    Accelium Online made me think in ways I never did before. It gave my thought process proper structure and direction.

Anjana Muralidharan, Software Engineer, Amdocs

Inspiring Growth

Change your mindframe

The system collects and analyzes rich user-data in real time and identifies meaningful "learning events" - key opportunities which are used to mediate and change the learner's cognitive patterns.

An opportunity for reflection

The virtual coach uses innovative AI algorithms to give participants accurate, timely feedback. It provides proper context and focus so that learners become better aware of their thought process and typical behavior.