Rules & Regulation



The Accelium Olympics is an online educational event that brings together children from all over the world. The tournament is between schools. Students will individually solve challenges and earn points for each challenge they solve.  

The points will be added to the total school points and ratings. 

An open tournament designed for students from grades 1- 8. 

Four tournaments will be held simultaneously according to the following: 

Tournament 1: Grade 1-2 

·        Move It 

·        Ping Wins 

·        Night Watch

Tournament 2: Grade 3-4 

·        Maxit 

·        Move It 

·        Ping Wins 

Tournament 3: Grade 5-6 

·        Lockdown 

·        Elements 

·        Blocker 

Tournament 4: Grade 7-8 

·        2Flags 

·        Blocker

·        Lockdown 

These schools will compete for the title: 'Accelium World Champions.'  

Olympic Schedule 

Schools registration

Feb-1st – May-20th

Open tournament

May-25th – Jun 8h   

Standing and winners announcement

Jun 15th 

The Open tournament 

The open tournament will last for two weeks: May 25th – Jun 8th   

Age-specific challenges were designed for each age group.

The game challenges will be enabled to the students gradually throughout the tournament period. 

Each student will progress at a personal pace in solving the tournament challenges.

The overall score obtained by the school students will be updated regularly in the scoreboard on the tournament website. 

Schools rating

The school's rating will be determined by the score obtained by all school students, who are registered to the tournament. 


The school scoring formula is designed to provide an 'engagement bonus' to large schools in which a large number of students participating. 


School rating formula: 

Students can solve the challenges again and again; the best score will be the one that will be considered to the school rating.