Accelium uses strategy games to evaluate and develop strategic thinking and socio-emotional skills, empowering individuals and teams to deal with the dynamic demands of modern economy in a smarter, more resilient way.

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& Development

Immersive corporate training programs

Give leaders cutting-edge, game-based strategies for analysis, problem solving and decision making.

Discover powerful tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts. Develop strategic thinking skills to become more methodical and resilient.


Game-based analysis of critical skills

Let your talent discover their strengths and build up their performance by playing strategy games.

Based on powerful, big data analytics, Accelium 360˚ uses game challenges to track your behavior and decision making processes, generating a unique personal profile.


Captivating skill development e-courses

Available 24/7 via cloud access and mobile app.

Let employees improve their skills the fun way, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy fascinating bite-sized excercises, high completion rates and improved long-term retention.


Advanced training tools for your Organizational Development team

Use Accelium's powerful methodology to drive effective skill development processes.

Learn to use games as a catalyst for learning. Load your toolbox with advanced constructive training techniques.



& Talent Development

An innovative


assessment tool

Get a more comprehensive view of your employees and job applicants

Test employees and job applicants in a fast, effective and engaging way. Get unique insights on every test-taker.

Game-based tactical training programs

Develop tactical resilience and adaptive thinking through game-based training.

Help officers and NCOs develop a flexible mindset that will allow them to respond resiliently to any surprise in the field.



​Become a certified
Accelium Facilitator

If you are an organizational consultant or a personal coach looking to add innovative game-based tools to your portfolio, this offer is for you.

Get a comprehensive training tool complete with an effective methodology, fascinating content and advanced personal app.


The entire Accelium product suite at your service

Offer your clients a comprehensive set of cutting-edge game-based assessment and skill development solutions

Access a huge selection of fascinating, scripted sessions, complete with hundreds of hours of interactive challenges and multimedia content.


The Accelium Effect

Top reasons to add Accelium to your training & development plan 

Boost any training with excitement and motivation

Inspire a thinking, innovative culture

Generate new solutions and ideas

Appeal to dynamic managers and employees

Evaluate & improve critical skills

Analytical Thinking


Quick Thinking

Learning Aptitude


Strategic Thinking


Resource Management


Systemic Vision

Time Management
Task Switching
Adaptive Thinking