Game-based training & coaching tools

Effectively develop strategic skills

through immersive game-based training programs

Accelium Pro creates unmatched engagement and involvement by blending live game workshops with individual online exercises. It uncovers powerful tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts for analysis, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Build higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills

  • Cloud-based service offers 24/7 engagement on any device 

  • Meaningful learning improves long-term retention

Coaches / Trainers

A Proven Methodology




Learn to play a strategy game which presents a specific problem or dilemma 

Learn meta-cognitive models and strategies which offer an effective solution to the challenges identified in the game. 

Use insights and strategies from the game-playing experience to solve real-world personal and professional challenges

Our clients say:

   The essence and mindset of Accelium is perfect for thinking organizations like ours, where employees are constantly facing intellectual challenges and need to reflect and keep sharp on the long run.

Daphna Shelly,  VP Human Resources, Protalix

   It was a great experience. It gave my thought process proper structure and direction. It was no longer about playing games, it was more about exploring and analyzing solutions to a problem. I think people who haven't tried it yet should give it a try.

Anjana Muralidharan, Software engineer, Amdocs

Among Our Clients


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