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The Accelium Olympics is an educational event that brings together children from all over the world in a fantastic championship of thinking games.

The Accelium Olympics are aimed at students from grade 1 and up to Grade 8!

No prior knowledge is needed! Anyone who loves to play and is looking for a challenge can Join In!

Tournaments require high levels of abilities but also and not less important, persistence, and dedication to the task.

Accelium Olympics - Class Registration (G1-G8)

  • The tournament will be on an individual basis. Each student will be able to earn individual points and compete with other students in their age category.

    Four tournaments will be held simultaneously according to the following:
    • Tournament 1: Grade 1-2
    • Tournament 2: Grade 3-4
    • Tournament 3: Grade 5-6
    • Tournament 4: Grade 7-8.

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