Have you ever wondered why some people stay calm in the face of surprises and changes while others lose peace and focus? People who can navigate life experiences effectively have a high resilience. Even if you consider yourself a strong person, you will inevitably encounter challenges at some point during your life journey. Your resilience is the key to turning challenges into successes.

In this workout, we will get to know the Alpinist Method - a useful strategy for developing resilience and successfully coping with life's challenges! <br> <br> <strong> We will apply the Alpinist method in 3 steps:

  • Building a realistic plan- We will set off only after we have a plan in place
  • Withdrawal for future progress- Our plan should also take into account withdrawals
  • Adjusting the plan- dynamically updating expectations helps us deal with uncalled changes.

Accelium Pro Thinking Workout– Resilience

  • The workout's learning process combines dealing with the game challenges and learning tools and strategies for everyday life. The process provides small bites of meaningful learning that encourage active learner practice. The process incorporates guidelines for reflective thinking and transferring concepts to authentic situations in the learner's personal and professional life. In strategy games, there is the option of playing together - this is a great motivator that encourages interpersonal interaction. The learning process is structured to allow one to progress at a personal pace, according to the individual level and according to the learner's availability.