In a world where the pressure to deliver is very intense, the stakes connected to decision making can be very high. This can make decision making a highly dynamic activity. This workshop explores core decision making concepts. It challenges participants with dilemmas of prioritization, timing, resource allocation, proactive vs. reactive behavior, and more. The workshop aims to "put a mirror" in front of the decision-maker - to present the main factors taking part in the decision process.

After being equipped with the relevant knowledge and practical tools for making decisions, participants will learn how to transfer concepts to their professional world and put theory in a meaningful context through multiple examples, case studies, and constructive discussion.


Workshop duration: 4 hours

Decision Making Workshop

  • The leading game in this workshop is called Blocker- a strategy game designed for two players. Each player is given a limited number of resources in the form of barriers that can help block the opponent's progress and pave the way for victory!

    The game requires long-term thinking and planning, strategic thinking, and looking at the situation from multiple perspectives.

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