Not everyone loves surprises and changes, but we all have to deal with them daily. Those who can adapt, adjust themselves to the new circumstances, and reorganize according to the new conditions will be able to move forward. How can we learn to do so? Can anyone do it? This unique workshop focuses on how to have an adequate reaction to surprises and changes and allows participants to experience diverse forms of environmental change and challenge them with uncertainty, invoking a discussion about its cognitive and emotional aspects.


Workshop duration: 4 hours

Flexible Thinking Workshop

  • The leading game in this workshop is 2- Flags.

    2 Flags is a two-player strategy game in which you must conquer the opponent's flag by harmoniously using five scouts (game pieces). To win, you will need to create a plan and execute it while overcoming the opponent's threats.

    To win, you will need to quickly adapt to changes, make decision under uncertainty, and overcoming unfair advantages.

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