"Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow."

Leadership - do you learn how to become a leader, or are you born as one? (Is leadership an inherent thing, or is it something that can be taught?) Accelium leadership program is about identifying the traits of a leader. Students will learn that leadership is a choice in a particular way of life, and when there is a combination of components that come together, they may turn a person into a leader. It is a combination of motivation, the ability to focus on the big picture, and getting to know the small details, identifying opportunities, and more!

Often the tendency of most of us is to treat leaders as heroic figures and sometimes give them mythical characteristics that describe them as "larger than life" figures. But is leadership an ability that exists in individuals in the population? Or can it appear anywhere and in any person? The course deals with these questions and more!


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Leadership Program (G5-G10)

    • A 10-weeks learning process
    • Aimed at G5-G10 students
    • Programs combine direct instructions using the Accelium Learning Map with independent personal exercises on the Accelium System
    • Content is connected to the OECD recommendations
    • Learning process continues seamlessly after school, using the Accelium app
    • Ongoing professional guidance and teacher support throughout the project
    • Game-based assessment provides focus and evaluates learning outcomes