The Mathematical Thinking Assessment provides a comprehensive portrait of students' knowledge. The report pinpoints students' proficiency level in key math and high order skills.

Using insights from the assessment creates a personalized action plan for each student. With these recommended skills, teachers have a simple way to differentiate instruction, fill individual knowledge gaps, and facilitate meaningful progress.

For students, the Mathematical Assessment doesn't feel like a traditional math test! The assessment is game-based, the questions are engaging, and it's a safe space for students to learn more about themselves and take an active role in their learning.


Test duration is 45 min.


Mathematical Thinking Assessment

  • Mathematical Concepts

    G1-G2 G3-G4 G5-G6
    Comparison Comparison Addition
    Addition Addition Negative numbers
    Completion to 10 Negative numbers Multi-step problems
    The number zero Multi-step problems Estimation

    Learning Strategies
    • Following instructions
    • Efficiency
    • Persistence
    High order thinking skills
    • Planning-and-organizing
    • Systematic-thinking