The mentoring program is designed to give your child a boost in developing skills, a sense of competence, self-confidence, and achieving goals! The mentoring process includes four online sessions that will be led by a certified Accelium mentor. At the beginning of the process, your child will be engaged in a game-based assessment that will allow the mentor to get an up-to-date picture of various skills. Based on the test results, the mentoring sessions will be shaped, goals will be defined, and a personal game based workout plan will be made.

Mentoring Program - 4 sessions

  • The mentoring process and its recommendations rely on the skills and characteristics as reflected in the results of a game-based assessment that your child will take at the beginning of the process.

    The mentor will reflect the test results with you, illuminate the strengths and difficulties that arise from the report, and help translate the test results into focused and practical conclusions. Based on all this, a personal training program will be created for your child, promoting goals and enabling the practice of both strengths and difficulties!


    Objectives of the process:

    1. Find out what your child's hidden skills and abilities are

    2. Overcome learning challenges

    3. Develop an awareness of the way your child thinks and behave

    4. Set goals and build a path to achieve them

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