Accelium’s Personal Accountability Project delves deep into this important life-skill. The project employs an interactive and reflective approach to examining different viewpoints on this topic. Students learn that Personal Accountability means accepting both the desired and undesired results of our actions. Along the project, students are confronted with highly challenging thinking games. These games have a dual purpose: first, they stimulate students' curiosity and elevate their motivation. Second, they simulate high-commitment situations where challenges must be overcome logically, creatively, and emotionally. Students practice methods and practical tools that develop a sense of personal responsibility with an emphasis on accountability for their learning processes and results.


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Personal Accountability Program (G3-G5)

    • A 16-weeks learning process
    • Aimed at G3-G5 students
    • Programs combine direct instructions using the Accelium Learning Map with independent personal exercises on the Accelium System
    • Content is connected to the OECD recommendations
    • Learning process continues seamlessly after school, using the Accelium app
    • Ongoing professional guidance and teacher support throughout the project
    • Game-based assessment provides focus and evaluates learning outcomes

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