Accelium Math program provides an immediate and compelling experience that, combined with an innovative didactic approach, promotes self-examination and personal accountability and contributes to a high involvement and commitment to learning.

The Math Program is based on the desire to give students a fun and challenging tool to practice basic concepts in mathematics, learning abilities and high-order thinking skills that will improve their mathematical literacy.

The main topics in the program co-respond to the mathematical programs taught in elementary schools and include: familiarity with numbers and their characteristics, applying operations, data analysis, systematic and orderly thinking, planning and organization, and more.

Accelium Math Program (G1-G6)

    • A 10-weeks learning process
    • Aimed at G1-G6 students
    • Programs combine direct instructions using the Accelium Learning Map with independent personal exercises on the Accelium System
    • Content is connected to the OECD recommendations
    • Learning process continues seamlessly after school, using the Accelium app
    • Ongoing professional guidance and teacher support throughout the project
    • Game-based assessment provides focus and evaluates learning outcomes

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