Happy New Year!

We begin a dynamic new year by welcoming 4 new Accelium partners in America and Europe:

  • Mr. Enrique Fernandez leading Grupo Educativo in Jalisco, México.

  • The Doxa Intercom team headed by Mr. Marcos Engelmayer of Mexico City.

  • In Slovakia and the Czech Republic – Mr. Boris Kapucian and Mr. Dušan Káčer leading the Appel Group and Excellent Training team.

  • And in the North East of the United States, Emerge Education – led by Mr. Kim Coon and Mr. Jim Hunter.

This is also an opportunity to congratulate all Mind Lab partners who have recently added Accelium to their good, old Mind Lab offerings.

On behalf of Accelium's team, we're here to support you all the way, and wish us all lots of success and joy along our journey!

You can see the entire partner network on the LOCATIONS tab in the new Accelium website.

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