6 Pro tips for a smarter family game-time: TIP#1

Solving puzzles and playing strategy games with your kids is an opportunity to bond, learn more about each other, improve communication, and develop vital skills. There is an art, and quite a lot of science, to doing it RIGHT. Here are 6 Pro tips that will help you enjoy more and learn more from your family game time.

TIP#1: Leave something for tomorrow. Keep the playing session short. Playing for 15 minutes every odd day will create a more effective learning process than a single, exhausting game. Stay attentive so you don’t wear out your kids’ focus and enthusiasm. Find the right moment to stop, and they will want to keep on playing the next day. When playing a new game, start with easier challenges and shorter games, and gradually increase the level of complexity. If you reach a challenge which is above your child’s current skill level, it’s good practice to pick a couple of easier challenges next, to reinforce their sense of efficacy.

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