6 Pro tips for a smarter family game-time: TIP#2

Although you don’t need any special training to play thinking games with your kids, following a few golden rules can really improve this precious time. The second recommendation in our 6-tip series is about letting your child win, or rather, how you can play a fair game and still avoid unnecessary frustration:

TIP#2: Balance wins and losses. While no child (or parent, for that matter) likes losing, don’t lose intentionally when playing strategy games. Believe us, they know! Instead, diversify the game experience so your kid doesn’t experience a long streak of losses: combine chance-based games - where young children have a better chance of winning - with strategy games, play 2-on-1 games in which your kid shares the emotional burden by teaming up with a friend or sibling, or play together against the computer. Combine competitive experiences with collaborative ones like jointly solving game riddles of the same game.

See also - TIP#1: Leave something for tomorrow

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