6 Pro tips for a smarter family game-time: TIP#3

We all want to share our knowledge and experience with our kids, and playing a game together gives us a great opportunity to do so. Here's the 3rd recommendation in our 6-tip series - it's about listening to your children and letting them share their perspective:

TIP#3: Share, don’t teach. Your shared game experience should be one of mutual learning. Instead of taking a “teacher” stance which distances you from your children, try to create a more equal dialogue by letting them pick new games, learn them, and teach you the rules. Give them an opportunity to explain the strategies they come up with, and share their insights on the rules, principles and qualities of a game you share. Ask questions like: what can you tell me about this game? what do you like about this game? How did you know to make that last move?

See also - TIP#1 - TIP#2

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