6 Pro tips for a smarter family game-time: TIP#4

Reflection is a vital cognitive process that allows us to evaluate past events and draw meaningful conclusions which can help us in the future. Our 4th tip is about a powerful tool that you can use while playing to exercise reflective thinking with your kids: question asking.

TIP#4: Ask questions. Playing provides a perfect opportunity to build reflective habits that will help your children develop a critical mindset. While you play, ask them various questions to make them verbalize their thinking process and become more aware of their thoughts and decisions. Don’t overdo it- balance simple factual questions that provide a sense of assurance (like: “who’s in a better position right now?”) with more philosophical, open-ended ones (like: “what goes on in your mind when you see a game position like this one?”). Make sure the questions are part of a dialogue and avoid “testing” the child. You can help them by modelling the process- stop to explain your thoughts and dilemmas at interesting crossroads in the game. Ask some questions while it’s your turn to play, so your kid is unoccupied and can focus on your question. Invite them to help you analyze and decide on a difficult move and share the glory of victory.

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