6 Pro tips for a smarter family game-time: TIP#5

It's hard to overestimate the motivating power of a well-deserved compliment. Our fifth tip is easy to implement while playing a game, but is also solid advice for just about anytime.

TIP#5: Give plenty of compliments. Find any opportunity you can to compliment your kids. There’s plenty of opportunities to give positive feedback apart from a win or successful solution. Congratulate them on smart moves, if they’re impulsive- cheer them when they take their time to consider, if they’re timid and hesitant, give them kudos for a quick decision. Don’t exaggerate. Look for proper opportunities where your child deserves the recognition. Compliment concrete actions and achievements in any kind of game. Find opportunities to praise them in front of others after the game, such as family meals or parent teacher conference.

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