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Innovative skills development solutions for the global age


Accelium System

The Accelium system is a game-based digital platform for assessing and developing learning skills, thinking concepts, and strategies. Through smart games, the system practices skills in an easy, fun, and fascinating way. The system utilizes the users' high level of involvement that develops during the game and harnesses it to link and transfer to authentic situations in the real world in personal and professional aspects. The system contains dozens of game-based cognitive workouts. The heart of the system is an innovative technology based on artificial intelligence that provides smart solutions for various applications: for families, schools, team training, recruitment and placement processes, employee evaluations, and more.

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Smart Games

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Cognitive Workouts

Designed to captivate and evoke authentic behavioral responses. The workouts effectively simulate a wide range of perceptual and emotional challenges and are based on adaptive artificial intelligence, creating a challenging difficulty level. Powerful algorithms extract significant "learning events" and create a personalized learning experience.

Skills Assessment

Assessment of a variety of skills based on dynamic and iterative measurement. The dimensions assessed are aggregate and unique to the system and provide exclusive insights regarding high-order skills.

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Data Center

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Group Report

Get an overview of the organization's skills, classroom, or school with the help of Accelium's powerful reporting system. Compare teams, business units, students, classes, or use global metrics to identify trends and mark growth opportunities.

A Thought-Provoking Personal Report

The system produces a detailed skills report for each test completed. The information includes a comparison to relevant global metrics. The report encourages self-inquiry and contains personal insights and practical recommendations for personal growth.

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A Powerful AI Engine Gives Meaning

to the Moves Played on the Board


Learn a strategy game and solve a series of game challenges


The system collects and analyzes a variety of user indicators: game performance, behavior, error rate, learning curve, and the like.


A detailed user report is produced, which characterizes the examinee's skill levels, decision-making style, and behavior patterns. The information is compared to local and global groups.

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The Perfect Combination Between
Game-Based Learning and Assessment

The game simulates

real life situations

• Resource Management

• Self-Block

• Paving a Route

• Building an action plan

• Formulating Strategy

• Blocking Threats

• Identify Opportunities

• Step into the other’s shoes

• Taking risks

• Tactical calculation

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​Allows practice and assessment

of a variety of skills

• Calculation

• Quick thinking

• Learning Aptitude

• Focus

• Planning

• Prioritization

• Resource Management

• Systemic Vision

• Persistence

• Task Switching

• Adaptability

• Time Management

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Changing the Rules
of Learning

Check out the world’s most innovative
skill development solutions

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