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Join Accelium's Thinking Journey

Fun and Effective Game Based Learning

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Great Experience, Minimum Efforts

Accelium's Journey provides a globally recognized online game-based learning experience rooted in the proven Accelium method. Participants elevate thinking, planning, management, and interpersonal skills through enjoyable gaming. The program features personalized challenging workouts, interactive content, and engaging videos in the Accelium system, fostering awareness of thought processes and performance evaluation. Customizable thinking journeys target high-order skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, analysis, deduction, and drawing conclusions, dynamically adapting to each learner's strengths and weaknesses for comprehensive knowledge building.

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5 steps for creating a great Thinking Journey

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1. Choose your Journey


Discover our workout catalog and tailor Journeys:

  • Suited for streamlining thinking skills in onboarding processes

  • Designed for cross-organizational skills development processes

  • In support of employee training programs

  • Easy to use and engage remote or distributed teams

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2. Customize the Journey to match your group needs


Utilize our intuitive multibuilder tool to:

  • Optimize course duration.

  • Select tailored content for diverse organizational needs.

  • Enrich courses with our library or upload your own files.

3. Integrate mediation into your Journeys


Elevate the experience

  • Enhance the experience with additional content and presentations.

  • Conduct Zoom or face-to-face sessions for deepening, aligning, and fostering a shared thinking language.

  • Incorporate reflection moments in the journey for participants to deepen concepts and apply them in daily life.

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4. Embed formative assessment

Leverage participants' personal profiles.

  • Integrate diverse skills assessments into your journeys.

  • Access comprehensive reports for profound participant insights.

  • Utilize system-generated usage and completion reports to track and enhance the process.

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5. Elevate the Journey into an Exciting Competition

Add a competitive element

  • Boost engagement for increased usage.

  • Enhance participant motivation.

  • Foster teamwork through interactive challenges.

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Using the Thinking Journeys proves to be both effective and Fun!

✔ Rave Reviews:

Participants enthusiastically endorse our programs, expressing profound satisfaction and labeling their journey as both meaningful and educational.


✔ Great Usage Metrics:

Experience a high utilization rate. Our programs are designed to captivate and inspire, ensuring participants remain engaged and eager to progress.


✔ Great Feedback from Learning Managers:

Learning managers within organizations provide positive feedback, appreciate the valuable insights derived from the process, elevating the learning experience.


Our Clients

Growth Clients
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Clients Love Letters

" The process really fascinated me, provoked me, helped me release my mental fixations regarding my day-to-day conduct. This process opened my heart and allowed me an honest and genuine acquaintance with myself. "
Self-employed graduate student, Herzliya, Israel

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Make Thinking a Habit

Cultivate a thinking habit with our research-backed methodology, comprising three impactful steps:



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Make it a habit

Our personalized and adaptive process empowers independent, highly motivated learners, ensuring a enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

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