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Innovative Game-Based Assessment

Accelium assessment tests are based on smart games and require examinees to demonstrate a wide range of skills and abilities: analyze data, solve problems, and make various decisions. The system analyzes test-takers' solutions and their decisions, identifying their thinking patterns and operational style. The evaluation report presents a multidimensional skill profile that accurately reflects individual strengths and pain points.
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Maximum flexibility
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  • No monitor presence required

  • Compatible with diverse mobile and stationary devices 

  • Supports multiple concurrent test-takers

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Streamlined assessment process
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  • Fast testing

  • Produces a rich, concise report including skills assessment and identification of strengths


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A positive experience
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  • Fun, interesting game-playing test

  • Positive differentiation - reflects an innovative, people-oriented brand identity

  • No need for long, tiresome questionnaires

Discover our Game Based Assessments 

Download the Talent Brochure for more information


Accelium Assessment Tests Works!​

High Validation ​

Recent studies show a high validation between the Accelium test results and other standardized test results.​

Rapid Growth ​

Accelium tests' demand has skyrocketed to unprecedented proportions due to the worldwide growing need to change employee evaluation and recruitment methods.

Innovative and quality tools in the hands of professionals​ ​

The feedbacks of consultants and professionals from all over the world are very positive and prove that this is an innovative and unique tool.

Download the document to learn what game-based assessments are and how we see them in the organizational and educational landscape.

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Clients Love Letters

" Classic assessment center tests stir up many emotions as their influence on candidates' future is considerable. Participants tended to be more receptive and curious about the feedback they got from the Accelium skill evaluation test, and that creates a potential for a better dialogue. "


Program's organizational development team leader in IDF Command & Staff College

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