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This is our Methodology

The Accelium Method

At the core of Accelium's methodology stands the notion that the most effective way to learn is through an authentic, engaging experience that leaves one wanting more. Games provide exactly that experience - they're entertaining, exciting, and create a deep sense of involvement, while bringing to mind a variety of ideas and dilemmas. Above all, game-playing promotes exploration without fear of mistakes and criticism. In other words - the methodology both stimulates learning and effectively simulates real life situations.

Simple Yet Profound

​Our Learning Process In A Nutshell
1- Play

Learn the rules of a strategy game then play,


2- Learn

​Learn metacognitive models and strategies for more effective problem solving, decision making, analysis, and more.

3- Apply

Transfer insights and strategies learned from the game-playing experience to real-world personal and professional challenges.


The Method Improves Multiple Skills


Problem Solving
Decision Making
Forward Planning
Logical Thinking
Language Arts


Managing Emotions
Deferring Gratification
Patience, Perseverance
Learning from Failure
Self Discipline


Teamwork & Cooperation
Communicating Efficiently
Dealing with Competition
Accepting Others
Respecting the Rules

Clients Love Letters

I like the breakdown of specific skills that correlate with grade level, I like the easy user interface, and I really like the tools explanations with illustrations. "

1st grade teacher, Israel

Globally Recognized Methodology

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