Growth Center Certifications​

As coaches, we seek new courses to expand our toolbox, grow as professionals, and combine enrichment content with practical tools that help us daily. Accelium's Growth Center certifications are game-based and change how we view, analyze and act in the world. The certification process is exciting and intriguing to the intellectual level and gives us and our business innovation a sense of direction and creative tools!​

Accelium Pro Thinking Workouts​

Our big challenge as consultants and coaches is to bring innovation and engagement to our organizations' processes, whether working with an individual or a team. We strive to turn any learning process into an immersive personal experience that leaves a taste for more. Accelium's game-based workouts provide a flexible and effective way to integrate games into the traditional training processes. Every training session comes to life thanks to the playing experience and allows you to shed light on a topic or skill you are currently working on.​