Accelium Pro Workshops

To bring about real change and improve processes in any organization, one needs to make a fundamental change. If we succeed in changing something in the way people think, analyze situations, draw conclusions, and act, we can substantially improve the organization's conduct. Accelium's workshops create a unique experience of learning through play. The workshops are experiential, leaving participants with a lasting impression and changing managers and teams' worldviews.​

Executive Gym

Training managers worldwide try to create an engaging learning experience adapted to the fast pace of work.​ Accelium's Executive Gym allows just that!​ The Executive Gym will enable managers to learn and practice on the go! The Gym bite-size modules make it easier for participants to initiate learning and reach learning objectives with a long-lasting effect that leaves a taste for more.

The Mentor Program​

We are always searching for a way to grow and develop, go through an internal process of self-discovery, improve our weaknesses and increase our strengths. The mentor program gives you 1 on 1 sessions with a thinking expert. We are always looking for a way to grow and grow, go through an inner process of self-discovery, improve our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths. In self-reflection, the mentor will analyze various game positions and reveal together with you different layers of activity and skills. The mentorship process helps to develop awareness and to set personal and professional goals!​