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Improve individual and team performance through game-based skills analysis!

What Makes You Great?

To be successful in an environment of accelerated global competition, one needs the right skills. We need to know how to read the map, see the big picture, choose a strategy, adapt the plan to the changing environment, and bring results. Effective individuals and groups hold a unique balance of critical skills that allows them to learn, adapt and innovate. To achieve great performance and personal growth, we must know and understand our strong skills and our weaknesses.

Choose the Right Path for You

Growth - Organizations

Accelium Journey

Accelerating growth, performance, and change with an innovative digital learning program.

Developing a culture of learning and growth in the organization is no easy task. Accelium Journey is a comprehensive digital solution that allows you to build learning journeys for your employees. Use the power of game-based learning to develop critical skills in your organization.

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  360 assessment & summary  

Summarizing the journey - the participant takes a 360 assessment. Identifying strengths and weaknesses and sharing insights about the process with the group.

  Independent learning  

Develop skills that can be applied both to the game and to daily life. A combination of on-line challenges and enlightening master classes is included in the learning process.

  Kick Off  

Participant familiarity with the Accelium game-based skills development system.

  5 weeks implementation  

The topics and skills you can cover on your journeys are numerous

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Breaking the Patterns

Identifying the key points

Risk Management

Adapting to change

Prophylactic thinking

And more...

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Learning and growth is a never ending road

Accelium Journey can be used for:

  • The onboarding process

  • Upskilling employees

  • Employee performance and development plans

  • Managerial development

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Use Accelium's powerful methodology

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The entire organization can benefit

  • A tailored journey ensures that employees find content that is relevant to their experience, level, and interests.​

  • Thinking workouts are simple and short, lasting between 45 minutes and an hour - so they can be easily fit into a busy schedule without interfering with it.​

  • Videos, riddles, case studies, and the games themselves are used to motivate and engage participants.​

  • It is simple to use - the Thinking Workouts and related content are all digital and accessible. Your employees can use it from anywhere, at any time, regardless of where they are.

Accelium Challenge

Games, thinking, and challenges combine to bring an exceptional digital experience for teams in your organization

Accelium Challenge is a virtual team-building tournament! The challenge provide you with a great opportunity to cultivate a collaborative and fun environment for your employees. In the Accelium Challenge, teams from across the organization will have the opportunity to compete in thinking games and practice high-order thinking skills. The challenge combines independent work and collaborative activities, which require team members to work together. Teams will be invited to participate in online thinking workshops - Master Class and become familiar with thinking methods alongside game strategies!

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The Accelium Challenge – How it Works

  3 weeks  

  1 week  

  1 week  

  5 weeks implementation  

 The challenge begins! 

Participants will put to practice everything they learned about the games and will work as individuals and as groups to complete the challenge!

 Summary and Final Results 

An online session will summarize the process, present the results on a dedicated leaderboard and announce the winners

 Training Camp 

Practicing the games and participating in online sessions

 Kick off 

Registration of teams for the tournament

Who is it for?

  • A great fit for diverse teams in organizations

  • Suited for team building events

  • Designed for cross-organizational activities

  • In support of employee training programs

It is a win-win for everyone!

  • Increases employee morale 

  • Improves collaboration between employees

  • Enhances innovation management 

  • Increases adaptability

  • Strengthens the relationships

  • Break communication barrier

  • Contributes to a positive working environment

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Great experience minimum effort

  • The Challenge will be run over five weeks, during which teams will complete 3 games.

  • The challenge will include both individual and group assignments.

  • Any computer or mobile device can be used to access the challenge.

  • So long as they complete the weekly assignment, participants can play in their spare time.

Immersive Corporate Training Programs

​Accelium solutions helps individuals and teams build the critical higher-order skills they need to excel. The programs introduce participants to powerful tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts for analysis, problem solving, and decision making. Through a fun, reflective learning process that uses various strategy games, Accelium develops strategic thinking skills, helping participants become more methodical and resilient.

Give your team a strategic edge!

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Exciting classes.png

Exciting classes

Unique, game-based experience gets everybody engaged.

Exciting classes.png
Effective tools.png

Effective tools

Uncovers powerful meta-cognitive strategies that solve complex real-world challenges.

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Meaningful Learning.png

Meaningful Learning

The game experience gets participants cognitively and emotionally involved. This high commitment is used to promote reflection - producing meaningful insights and effective, long-term retention.

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Builds creativity and resilience.png

Builds creativity and resilience

Challenges common perceptions and exercises
"out-of-box" divergent thinking.

Builds creativity and resilience.png

Download the Pro Brochure for more information

Our Thinking Workshops

  • Discover Accelium's methodology, strategies and thinking tools and build a strong foundation for ongoing individual development.

  • Accelium workshops build collaboration and communication skills and expose participants to different problem-solving perspectives.

  • Available both on-site (master class) and online
    (via webinars).

Use Accelium's powerful methodology

Accelium 360

At the Forefront of
Game Based Assessment

Accelium 360 utilizes the most advanced evaluative technology to create an immersive, compelling, accurate and easy to use testing environment.

Insightful Personal Reports

For each test taken, Accelium 360 generates a detailed skills analysis, compared to relevant benchmarks. The report promotes reflection with personalized insights and offers concrete steps towards personal growth.

A Snapshot of Organizational Talent

Get an instant picture of your organizational skill-base using Accelium 360’s powerful report system. Compare teams and business units among themselves or global benchmark to seek out trends and highlight opportunities for organizational growth.


Gain Valuable Group and Personal Insights

The Executive Gym

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The Executive Gym introduces managers to the methods used by Chess Masters and game theory experts for analysis, problem-solving, and decision making. Using various strategy games, the gym simulates complex managerial challenges in a focused, iterative process that exposes thinking habits and develops dynamic, adaptive thinking.​

  • Accelium's Executive Gym is concise with unique online workouts​

  • The system is accessible 24/7 ​

  • Participants can learn and exercise on the go!​

  • The system provides instant feedback from Accelium's AI engine

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Clients Love Letters

" I learned to listen more carefully. I'm used to working automatically, thinking I can predict everything the customer will say and 'shoot' all the answers at them. But the solution comes from genuinely listening, and only then can I offer the most suitable solution. "


Service Representative participated in Pro Workshop

Our Clients

Our Clients
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