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Develop their skills- the fun way


Join the Game-Based Learning Revolution!

Accelium educational solutions use strategy games to captivate students' imagination, evaluate their skills and develop strategic thinking, self-awareness, focus and persistence. The immersive, hands-on experience fills students' toolbox with practical strategies, preparing them for the complex challenges of the global age.

Choose the Right Path for You

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  • Encourage your children to be independent learners

  • Inspire and motivate them

  • Give them advanced tools for life​

  • Improve their academic achievement

  • Develop their critical thinking and mental flexibility

  • Improve their ITC literacy

Game-Based Programs for Developing your Child's Skills

Discover our exciting games

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Clients Love Letters

" In preparation for military and psychometric screening tests, I purchased the mentor's package for my daughter. An unusual experience that really spotlights on the abilities and difficulties, and with the help of the mentor, they built a thinking training program. "


Omar's mother, a candidate for IDF