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Develop their skills- the fun way


Join the Game-Based Learning Revolution!

Accelium educational solutions use strategy games to captivate students' imagination, evaluate their skills and develop strategic thinking, self-awareness, focus and persistence. The immersive, hands-on experience fills students' toolbox with practical strategies, preparing them for the complex challenges of the global age.

Choose the Right Path for You


Bring Cutting Edge Game-Based Skill Development to your Class

Accelium EDU gives you engaging, research-proven tools to fascinate your students and develop their thinking skills. Harness the power of strategy games to teach practical methods, effectively preparing students for the real challenges of the 21st century.

In-class skill-development courses

Groundbreaking, globally recognized methodology

Create an exciting, reflective learning process that boosts  academic results.

Immersive, game-based digital experience

Reach every student and enjoy unparalleled involvement and commitment to the learning process.

Extensive teacher training and support

Teachers love Accelium because it develops their mediation skills. 

Rich, structured, and inspiring course curricula

Filled with compelling videos, creative challenges and thought-provoking stories, our curricula addresses the most critical 21st century skills in a profound, engaging way.

Discover our Exciting School Programs

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Clients Love Letters

" My students love the fact that they are playing games! It is a huge motivator. The Data Center reports are easy to use and target exactly what I want to know about their activity. "

Head of Junior school, Grade 5 teacher, UK​

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