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Nájdite ten pravý produkt pre svoje dieťa

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School Programs​​

The Thinking Trainer programs rich, structured, and varied curricula minimize teachers' preparation time while maximizing student engagement. The comprehensive set of teaching aids includes beautiful, highly scripted multimedia presentations, detailed lesson plans, and Learning Maps, which walk teachers through the entire process and help them keep each session focused and engaging. Sessions are packed with relevant, thought-provoking challenges and examples. They create fun, empowering group-dynamics, building up communication skills, exposing students to different perspectives, and helping them process new concepts.​ The thinking trainer programs addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders, ensuring a quick and easy implementation in any school. Students, teachers, parents and administrators all LOVE Accelium thanks to its inspiring and holistic effect. The program triggers empowering reflective processes which boost student motivation and affect participation and performance across the curriculum.​ ​

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